Last year I joined the Venerable Showers of Beauty (VSB) Javanese Gamelan. I have played with a few different groups now, but this is the first with regular gigs.

Next month we are part of an event where we will be playing a number of pieces by and inspired by Lou Harrison, a Portland born composer who used both western and non-western instruments in his compositions.

Here are some details of the event: CeLOUbration: Concert Series Friday, June 16, 2017 - 7:30pm

Anyways, before I joined they recorded a number of Lou Harrison pieces and they just released them!

You can get a physical copy at the VSB CD Baby page.

I put together the bandcamp posting for the release but otherwise I wasn’t involved with this recording.

One of the group’s members, Brett Campbell co-wrote a book about Lou Harrison which is now available as well.