My friends Ian and Mikey run the Alleys of your Mind radio show on Freeform radio Portland. A while ago Ian asked me to make a mix for them to broadcast as I’m busy during the time when I could do it live. I decided to make a mostly ambient mix as I had been putting together some ambient tracks for a bit. Here it is, my mix takes up about the first hour of the stream.

Track List

  • Jack Smith: ‘Silent Shadows on Cinmaroc Island’
  • Concern: ‘Mending’
  • Summe: ‘03:17’
  • Zoviet France: ‘Mute Moon’
  • Doug Theriault: ‘The Mind is Familiar’
  • Coil: ‘Magnetic North’
  • Kink Gong: ‘Baozoo Khen’
  • Atom Heart: ‘Metrik’
  • Nocturnal Emissions: ‘Vegetation Narration’
  • Kraftwerk: ‘Stratovarius’
  • P16.D4: ‘Kühe In 1/2 Trauer’
  • Jack Smith: ‘Earthquake Orgy’
  • Caroline K: ‘The Happening World

I used Data Jockey, the f/loss DJ software I have been writing for a few years. Direct source code link: github repo.